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Paris, France

How to Backpack Europe on the Cheap

Whether it’s a gap year before college or a summertime sabbatical, there’s little a notion more romantic than backpacking across Europe. But between new visa laws, the introduction of the euro, and … Continue Reading



Traveling in Macau and Indonesia And Having Fun

If you are someone who is interested in Macau and Indonesia, especially when it comes to the holidays because you can’t practically wait any more to finally go there and see what it’s about, then don’t worry as in the following paragraphs you will learn all about some of them and will also be let […]


Top 5 Affordable Tourist Destinations in The World

Many people are looking for the most affordable place to visit during their vacation. They want to visit a lot of tourist destinations with limited budget. In this article, there are top five affordable tourist destinations in the world that you can visit with your family. They are chosen because they have a lot of […]



Shopping for Souvenirs on a Budget

Souvenirs from souvenir shops can be expensive. They are things to absolutely avoid if you are on holiday on a shoestring budget. If you're taking road trips and stocking up on groceries in order to … Continue Reading

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